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A.O.Smith has been in the motor business since 1940, and today A. O. Smith Electric makes a broad array of subfractional horsepower, fractional horsepower and hermetic electric motors. Products are the "heart of the system" for original equipment manufacturers around the world. A.O. Smith also distributes replacement fan, blower, and pump motors through hundreds of wholesalers throughout North America. A.O. Smiths fractional horsepower motors range in size from one-third to five horsepower. They’re used in air-moving applications, such as blower motors for furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps; pump motors for leisure-related products such as swimming pools, spas and jetted tubs, as well as sump, water well, sewage and similar pump motors; motors for garage doors, air compressors, industrial conveyors, and many other uses. Hermetic motors, ranging in size from one-half through 500 horsepower, are precision components found in residential and commercial air conditioning compressors as well as commercial refrigeration units and chillers. Sub-fractional horsepower "C frame" motors are components in bathroom fans, range hoods, microwave ovens, air cleaners, and medical equipment. A.O. Smith also assembles axial fans, centrifugal blowers, and crossflow blowers.

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Did you know . . .
There are 33 (or more!) electric motors in the average home in the United States. Think about the products that do work around your house and, in all likelihood, you’ll find that there’s a motor powering the system in . . . your furnace, air conditioner, garage door opener, computer, bathroom fan, your microwave or convection oven, and countless other uses. A. O. Smith manufactures more than eight million motors every year to meet these needs . . . and more.

A.O. Smith electric motors plants are located in the U.S. and Mexico. fractional horsepower motor plants are located in Ohio, Juarez, Mexico, and Monterrey, Mexico.



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