Aqua-flo Spa Pumps
"FLO-MASTER" XP pumps easily outperform every other 48 frame hot tub pumps on the spa pump market while utilizing the same pump space requirements. Having a pump shutoff head of more than traditional 48 frame spa pumps, but less than 56 frame hot tub pumps, these unique pumps have been designed for today's large, many-jetted spas requiring increased hot tub pump flow.
1.5 HP, 2.0 HP, 2.5 HP, 3.0 HP, 4 HP, 5 HP. Available in one and two speed spa pumps and 50 or 60 cycle pump motors.
Aqua-flo Pumps have 2" inlets and 2" outlets. 2 1/2" suction pumps available.
Also available in 4 h.p. and 5 h.p. pumps and motors AQQUA-FLO PUMPS are cooler & more efficient running hot tub pumps.
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