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Since 1973, Speck has manufactured water treadmill systems for swimming pools and spas. In fact, Speck is the world leader in water treadmills, offering a wide range of packages for various budgets. Now, pool owners can get more enjoyment and use from their pool investment with the installation of a swim spa system.
How They Work
Water is pumped into the pool through one or two large recessed jet nozzles mounted in an under-water housing. Capable of creating a current in excess of 5000 GPM, the jets can be adjusted to provide resistance for an enjoyable, therapeutic walk, jog or swim, with less pounding and harmful jarring caused by street exercise. Also, there is a massage hose that can be attached to a jet nozzle that produces a pulsating, refreshing massage. The jet system is virtually a treadmill in water, offering unlimited long distance swimming with no turning around.

Consult your physician before attempting any strenuous exercise. This product may not be challenging or satisfying for all levels of exercise.

The swim jets can be installed in any type pool, new or existing, large or small, from gunite to vinyl liner. Each swimspa system comes with a complete, easy-to-follow installation guide and customer assistance hotline for tech support.

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