How to rebuild a Sta-rite Dura-glas Pump

How to change a pump motor.How to change a pump motor on a Sta-rite Dura-glas Pump. ph 888-445-0821

How to change a pump motor.How to change a pump motor on a Sta-rite Dura-glas Pump.

Disconnect power cord to motor.
Unscrew 4 motor 3/8" seal plate #20-21 bolts
unscrew large stainless steel band and pop off front tank body ( #15 )

Hold motor armature from turning by taking a 7/16" wrench to the rear of motor and wiggle wrench into center of shaft BEHIND spinning spring mechanism on a.o. smith motors.
On Magnetek centurion hold rear shaft with large screwdriver after taking shaft button off center of rear of motor.
Turn impeller until wrench or screwdriver locks into place in back of motor.
Then unscrew impeller off shaft Counter Clockwise.Note; Some shafts have a brass screw in center of front motor shaft,unscrew this clockwise ( reverse threads ) to take screw out.
This can be very hard at first to turn.
Take off spring seal # 8 from motor shaft.Use a tie rod end pulley fork with a quick jerk.
Pull the white ceramic seal and rubber piece out of the center of the seal plate # 5 ,and replace with a new one.CAUTION if your pump has a copper insert # 7 Pry it out with pulley fork and disguard!
Then replace seal with our larger seal with no copper insert.
Leaving the copper cone in CAN cause warpage and leakage ruining the new motor.
Install motor seal plate # 5 off the old motor and install to the new motor.
Tighten the 4 bolts # 2 and # 20 with the base # 17 and make SURE all 4 are tight
Install the spring loaded half of the seal # 8 , on the shaft by sliding in on the shaft using small amount of lubricant on shaft.NOTE; rubber o-ring and metal part of spring loaded seal # 8 is towards you
Screw the impeller on the motor shaft C.W.,but make sure it does not wobble after it is on and you spin the shaft
You should be able to spin the shaft with some resistence.Too much resistence means you did not completely seat the white ceramic in the seal plate # 5
If the impeller wobbles at all, install a new one or it will leak.
Install the diffuser #11 with "top" facing up and screw it back on the seal plate.SNUG all the screws.Then spin the impeller.If the impeller grinds against the diffuser #11 tap with a hammer around diffrent spots of the outside of diffuser until rubbing stops.Then tighten srews all the way
Impeller at NO time should rub hard against diffuser.
Put some lube around o-ring # 14 and install tank body # 15.Turn to correct positon for plumbing and tighten clamp # 9
Look between the basket ( if you have one ) and the tank body # 15.Replace gasket in between basket and tank body.These pumps can crack around the hole of the basket where water flows into the impeller area.
If your is cracked it will not prime correctly even though you replaced all the seals,etc.
Spin motor shaft one final time to make sure it is not binding. If it is take off tank body # 15 and inspect to see if diffuser # 11 moved during final assembly
Make sure the diffuser registered correctly with the seal plate # 5.
Then after filling the pump with water and running the motor NO water should leak out the WEEP hole between the pump and motor.
If it does it will wipe out the motor over time as water will walk back the motor shaft and ruin the front bearing and windings.

The author has spent many years rebuilding thousands of pool pumps of every make from 1/2 to 200 h.p.
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We do not recomend rebuilding these sta-rite pump motors as they will not last. The winding laminations ( steel case around motor windings ) expand over time and eventually touch the windings and cause a short and motor failure. Also; once a motor ran hot, it breaks down the windings and will allways run hot until it shorts out.
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How to change a sta-rite pump motor

How to change a dura-glas pump motor.How to change a pump motor on a sta-rite Pump. ph 888-445-0821