How to change a hayward pump motor

How to change a pool pump motor.How to change a pump motor on a hayward Max-flo 888-445-0821

Disconnect power cord to pump motor.
Unscrew 4 motor mounting plate bolts
Wiggle motor and partial pump out of main Pump Housing.
Pop off Diffuser.
Change diffuser GASKET.
Hold motor armature from turning by taking a 7/16" wrench to the rear of motor and wiggle wrench into center of shaft BEHIND spinning spring mechanism.
Turn pump impeller until wrench locks into place just behind springs.
Then unscrew impeller off shaft Counter Clockwise.
This can be very hard at first to turn.
Take off spring seal from impeller neck and slide the new one on.
Pull the white ceramic seal and rubber piece out of the center of the seal plate and replace with the new one.
Unscrew the motor mounting plate off the old motor and install to the new pump motor.
Reinstall the seal plate to the motor mounting plate.
The seal plate is marked with "top" to make sure it is on correctly.
Screw the impeller on the motor shaft,but make sure it is not tightened too tight or wobbles after it is on and you spin the shaft
If the impeller wobbles at all ,install a new one or it will leak.
Install the diffuser with "top" facing up and snap it back on the seal plate with the tits.Replace housing gasket and clean all areas.NOTE; if your basket slides in and out of the pump housing hard, it may be a sign that the pump housing may need changed.
Look down into the basket housing.These pumps can crack around the hole of the basket where water flows into the impeller area.
If your is cracked it will not prime correctly even though you replaced all the seals,etc.
If your housing is good then slide the partial pump and motor back into the main housing watching closely that it slides ALL THE WAY foreward without forcing it.
Make sure the front of the diffuser registered correctly with the main housing.
Then bolt up the mounting plate EVENLY without overtighting it.
Then after filling the pump with ware or running the motor NO water should leak out the WEEP hole between the pump and motor.
If it does it will wipe out the motor over time as water will walk back the motor shaft and ruin the front bearing and windings.

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We do not recomend rebuilding these hayward max-flo motors as they will not last.The winding laminations ( steel case around motor windings ) expand over time and eventually touch the windings and cause a short and pump motor failure

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How to change a Hayward Max-flo pump motor

How to change a hayward pump motor.How to change a pump motor on a hayward Max-flo Pump.