Pentair Pool Heaters

Pentair Pool Heaters
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Pentair Pool Heaters Millivolt or Electronic Ignition Pentair Pool/Spa Heaters 200,000 btu ..... # R200NA ... $1199.00 Pentair Pool Heaters 333,000 btu ......... # R333NA ... $1299.00 Pentair Pool Heaters 400,000 btu ......... # R400NA ... $1449.00

Pentair Pool and Spa Heaters.Condensation-free operation is assured even with low temperature inlet water. Both water temperature and flow rate inside the heater are controlled to eliminate condensation, sooting and scale build-up that can shorten heater life. More hot water move through faster, and more efficiently.
Pentair Mini Max Pool Heaters and Spa Heaters were designed to outperform all other pool heaters and spa heaters in today's market. Pentair Mini Max is the only pool heater and spa heater to feature a rustproof exterior! Unlike metal enclosed Pool Heaters, Pentair Mini Max heaters are lightweight and a rustproof coated exterior. Which means it not only lasts longer in the elements, but it's also far more attractive than other units. All these great heater features are backed with a 10-year heater warranty.
Pentair pool heaters can help you get more enjoyment out of your pool or spa by allowing you to spend more time in it. Today's heaters from Pentair make extending your pool season, adding to your comfort, and maximizing your backyard enjoyment a surprisingly affordable addition. They heat up fast. They are economical to run. And they're built to last for many years.
pentair pool heaters

The key to pool heating economy is combustion efficiency...making sure the heat generated is transferred to pool water with as close to 100% efficiency as possible. Getting there requires an optimum combination of combustion chamber design, burner assemblies and materials, heat exchangers, and state-of-the-art heater insulation.
That's why all Pentair heaters feature strong corrosion-resistant stainless steel burners, durable composite headers, weatherproof powder-coated housings, ceramic fiber tile insulation and "intelligent" controls that sense water temperature and pressure for optimal flow.

The MiniMax Plus is packed with features that make it the best choice for extending your swimming season. It's easy to install and maintain, and has user-friendly controls that make using your MiniMax Plus simple.
Designed for highly economical and reliable pool heating, it features dependable Presslite™ millivolt ignition for safe and easy matchless lighting, fast heat-up, and exceptional efficiency for lower operating costs. It's space-saving, low profile design blends into any backyard decor. The MiniMax Plus heater is available in six models to suit a range of pool and spa heating requirements.

pentair pool heaters
Pentair Pool Heaters
Mini Max 10 year warranty.Electronic Ignition w/ dual Thermostat Function
Pentair Pool/Spa Heaters 150,000 btu ..... # 460053 ... $949.00 and up
Pentair Pool/Spa Heaters 200,000 btu ..... # 460054 ... $1049.00 and up
Pentair Pool Heaters 250,000 btu ......... # 460055 ... $1099.00 and up
Pentair Pool Heaters 300,000 btu ......... # 460056 ... $1249.00 and up
Pentair Pool Heaters 350,000 btu ......... # 460057 ... $1399.00 and up
Pentair Pool Heaters 400,000 btu ......... # 460058 ... $1499.00 and up

The MiniMax 100 is a compact, low-profile heater that's big on efficiency, performance, and convenience. With an input of 100,000 BTUs, the MiniMax 100 is the perfect size for heating even the largest inground spas.
The MiniMax 100 is designed for fast heat-up, low operating costs, and long life. It's available in reliable direct-spark ignition and millivolt versions for propane or natural gas. And best of all, it costs surprisingly little to operate.
Pentair Mini Max Pool Heaters

Mini Max Pool/Spa Heaters 100,000 btu .... # 460352 ... $869.00 and up

Pentair pool heaters
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