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Pumpwarehouse stocks specialty Pumps for all pumping applications.
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Pumps for Specialty Applications Pump Warehouse manufactures a variety of specialty pumps engineered to provide quiet and energy-efficient low pressure/high flow performance in water features such as fountains, waterfalls, ponds and water gardens.
Pond and Koi Pond Pumps in stock.Low amp Motors available in 115 or 230 volts,1 speed or 2 speeds. Filter systems available in Sand Filter or Cartridge Filter
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Pond Pumps

Pond Pumps Made for small, medium and large ponds, these pumps circulate pond water and power water features. Each has a two-year warranty.

Water Flow Guide (GPH = Gallons Per Hour)
Waterfall Pumps Heavy-duty, high-efficiency Beckett waterfall pumps are ideal for creating waterfalls and stream beds.
Fountain Pumps Use these pumps for indoor and outdoor fountains.

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Stocking : Pond Pumps. Waterfall Pumps. Water Fountain Pumps. Water feature Pumps and Filters. Pond Filter systems.Waterfall Systems. ph 888-445-0821

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