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Pool soon realized the need for larger and more efficient swimming pool heat pumps with better reliability.
Pool Heat Pumps Inc. was founded in 1983 after hiring the industries most knowledgeable technical engineers. Nine months of design and testing produced the Superheater, the highest BTU output and efficiency of any heat pump offered in the industry.
High quality and oversized components coupled with superior, patented designs has made Pool heat pumps the leading producer of swimming pool heat pumps in the world.
The introduction of Auto-Heat, a patented device, guarantees a 24 hour steady state pool temperature regardless of the time clock settings.
Our patented built in Air Energy Pool to Spa Auto Valve feature allows the change from pool to spa, including temperature, to be accomplished with one button. There is no need for expensive or complicated pool computer systems.
Our $25,000 Superheater unanswered challenge to outperform the competition attests to our dedication to be the very best.
The continuous testing of new products in our environmental laboratory assures our customers that they will be purchasing the latest technology available, both in BTU output and efficiency.
After two years of design and testing, the Superheater is offering a solid state digital control unit. This innovation is years ahead of the competition since it offers the end-user a multitude of options and total flexibility at no extra charge. The solid state unit combines all the features previously offered at additional costs. Click here to learn more about our Digital Panel.
Whether you choose our top of the line Signature Series, or Pool Model, you can be assured of purchasing a unit with the highest quality components available and designed for maximum performance and longevity. Pool models are ETL tested to UL, CSA and CE specifications and are sold throughout the world.
Our warranties for each model are the strongest in the industry. We have an in-house service company with service lefts throughout the country. Even though our units are known to be the most reliable in the marketplace, a direct number to our service left, for questions or service, is conveniently labeled on every unit.
Pool Heat Pumps is proud to be a charter member of the Pool Heat Pump Manufacturers Asssociation. This organization is dedicated to protecting the consumer by mandating its members to submit their units for controlled independent laboratory testing in accordance with *ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 146-1998. Only then can the member advertise their performance specifications.
This process guarantees the end-user that they are getting what they are paying for. This will be the standard for all heat pump manufacturers in the future since the Department of Energy has approved this standard and is moving to make heat pump performance testing mandatory.
We at Pool Heat Pumps are very proud of our products and reputation. We continually strive for perfection. Whether your need is for a swimming pool heater, a chiller or both, you can rest assured that you will be purchasing the finest product available.

pool heat pumps
When the FAN goes on, it draws the warm air through the refrigerant charged evaporator, turning the cold liquid refrigerant to a warm gas.
The gas flows through the compressor where it's compressed to a much higher temperature.
The hot refrigerant gas enters the heat exchanger where the pool water extracts the heat; thereby, turning the hot gas back into a liquid refrigerant and starts the cycle over again.
The maximum heat output and efficiency of a Heat Pump is contingent upon the quality and performance of the major components used. As equally important is the ability and expertise of the developing engineers to match these components for optimization.
One of the most asked questions is:
How can you heat a swimming pool by using a refrigerant based system; the same refrigerant used in an air conditioner?
Compressors produce a specific amount of heat based on BTU ratings. The balance of the heat is gathered from the ambient air; however, the amount depends on the engineering and how perfectly the components are matched.
1. The fan draws warm air through the evaporator, or coil, which acts as a car radiator in reverse, instead of cooling off, it collects heat.
2. The evaporator has refrigerant circulating through it. As the air is pulled over the evaporator it changes the refrigerant state from liquid to gas.
3. The gas passes through the compressor and is compressed creating a hot gas.
4. The hot gas is then pumped into the condenser or heat exchanger, where the heat exchange takes place between the pool water and the hot gas. The hottest gas meets the coldest water.
5. The entire process starts all over again
1. Evaporator 2. Fan 3. Compressor 4. Condenser or Heat Exchanger
1. Evaporator: The evaporator looks and performs like a car radiator, but in reverse. Since we are gathering heat, we can also compare the evaporator to a solar collector, which is a basic design for collecting heat. The larger the surface area the more heat it can collect. The same is true with the evaporator, the larger the evaporator the more heat it can collect; however, there is a point in which the return begins to diminish cost effectiveness.
2. Fan: The specially designed venturi and bracket assembly has been acoustically designed to be very quiet even though producing high CFM's (cubic feet per minute.) In fact, most air conditioners are noisier than Pool Heat Pumps units size for size. Having the largest evaporator would be useless if we did not have adequate airflow. In fact, having a large evaporator with a minimum of airflow is a perfect example of an unbalanced system.
3. Compressor: The Compressor is the heart of the unit. Its job is to compress the refrigerant gas received from the evaporator to a higher temperature. Pool Heat Pumps continues to utilize the latest technological advancements when choosing compressors. We offer both Bristol and Copeland compressors, the two leaders in the industry. Models include regular reciprocating Piston; a high efficient reciprocating piston called Inertia and the ultra quiet Scroll.
4. Condenser/Heat Exchanger: This component transfers the heat from the hot gas to the water. Pool Heat Pumps has always used the highest quality and most efficient heat transfer condensers / heat exchangers available in the industry. Our units are equipped with Tube in Tube, Copper - Cupronickel, Convoluted, Seamless Tubing condensers. This design will never rust externally (copper) while offering excellent internal cupronickel protection. The convoluted tube in tube design is state of the art; it maximizes heat transfer from the refrigerant tube to the water tube. Pool Heat Pumps also offers a 100% Titanium Condenser/ Heat Exchanger, that is unaffected by neglected or high chemically treated water occasionally found in commercial pools, spas and even in some residential pools. The titanium heat exchanger is offered as an option in our model 550-SE and is backed by an amazing LIFETIME WARRANTY.
pool heat pumps

Pool Pool and Spa Heat Pumps

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123,000 B.T.U. Heat Pumps ..... Model # DYE 1200 SE ... $call.00

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