Portable Pool Vacuums
Pool vacuum system with cart...Use this pool vacuum and protect your main pool filter system from excessive dirt and debris with our portable vacuum system. These filter systems are ideal for;
#1 Pools, Ponds ,or fountains that contain a large amount of Debris.
#2 Use as an auxilliary filter system when you main system is down for service or non operational.
#3 Perfect vacuum system for draining pools or spas.


How it works ; Dirty pool water goes into the portable vacuum filter cartridge and clean water goes back into your water source.This elimminates the number one cause of main pump falures,debris filled water.
features 1 1/2 h.p. heavy duty pool pump with 6 inch basket.
Has on/off switch with built in G.F.I. for safety.
Has a 50' #12 heavy pump cord
Has heavy duty tires and.090 inch steel tube frame that is powder coated.
Has large 150 sq.ft. cartridge filter.
Price $ 1089.00 & up

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Pool Vacuum Systems  ...Click here for prices and selection for Pool Vacuums

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