Jacuzzi Pool Filters Jacuzzi Pool Filters

Jacuzzi Pool Filters

It is very important that material suspended in pool water be filtered out to maintain safe and sanitary conditions. Jacuzzi filters and filter systems offer three different methods of filtration (listed below) to keep pool water crystal clear and pump healthy.

Jacuzzi Sand Filters

Jacuzzi sand filter systems use the oldest method of pool filtration. These filters require a special filter sandwhich is referred to as #20 silica sand and readily available at your pool dealer. This sand has sharp edges that separate the dirt particles. The dirt is driven through the sand bed and trapped in minute spaces between the particles of sand. Large dirt particles are initially trapped, but as the sand bed accumulates more and more debris, it collects small particles too.

Jacuzzi Element Filters

Jacuzzi element filter systems use an element cartridge for filtration. The element's surface catches dirt particles as water passes through the filter. Larger dirt particles are trapped first with smaller particles being filtered out as the pores of the element become clogged by the larger debris.

Jacuzzi D.E. Filters

Jacuzzi D.E. filter systems use diatomaceous earth, a porous powder with microscopic openings which filters out particles as small as one to three microns (smaller than a human hair which is 50 microns). D.E. comes from diatoms which are fossil-like, prehistoric skeletons of microscopic water plants. Billions of these diatoms form a thin blanket on the filter grid to create one of nature's most incredible natural screens.

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