Hand Skimmers & Vacuum Heads
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Catalog # Description Price
R120S No Mar Skimmer - One Piece Molded ABS Frame with reinforced aluminum. Polyester screen w/ snap adapt handle - 12/cs $9.00
R124S ABG/Spa Skimmer - Molded ABS w/magnet and snap adapt handle - 12/cs $7.00
R118 Deep Net Skimmer - Extra Deep Net, ABS Frame 12/cs $10.00
R126 Heavy Duty Skimmer replaceable snap-in screen - 12/cs $16.00
R126R R126 Snap-in Replacement Skimmer screen - 12/cs $8.50
SS8C Skimlite S.S. frame and net leaf skimmer - 8" Pocket - Red Trim $23.00
NEP370 Skimmer with 5' Attached Handle $6.50
NEP360 Skimmer with 4 - 8' telescopic handle $14.00
NEP375 Mini Hand skimmer w/handle - 3' overall length $5.00
NEP376 Mini Spa Skimmer w/handle - 2' overall length $4.50

Catalog # Description Price
R122 Leaf Rake - solid anodized aluminum rod s/ attached handle and heavy duty fiberglass screen. screen & frame completely covered with squeegee for scrapping loose debris - 12/cs $20.00
RFK10C Skimlite S.S. frame and net leaf rake - oval $36.00
RK88 Skimlite S.S. frame with coarse metal mesh net - oval $41.00
SS10 Skimlite Durapro leaf rake - 10" - red trim - squarel $19.00

Durable construction of molded plastic. Works with garden hose and catches leaves in large capacity net for easy disposal

Catalog # Description Price
R185 Swivel wheel leaf eater for concrete pools $32.00
R185VL Brush modell leaf eater for vinyl pools $32.00
R211426 Replacement leaf eater bag only - regular $5.50
R211286 Replacement leaf eater bag only - fine $7.00

Features durable design with snap adapt handles.
Catalog # Description Price
R203 Super flex flexible vacuum head - 14" wide constructed of durable plastic with replaceable plastic wheel, 3 lbs. $25.50
R188 Flexible vacuum head - polyethylene design w/lead weights and heavy duty axle with stainless steel fasteners $36.00
R18820 Jumbo flex vac head - same as R188 extended to 19 " $78.00
R250 Swivel wheel commercial vac head - ABS and polyethylene construction with fully enclosed lead weights. Adjustable swivel polyurethane wheels and swivel 1 1/2" or 2 " vac hose connection, 19" wide. $82.50
R215 Commercial flex vac, 24" wide w/ 11/2" x 2" hose manifold $170.00
SB5116ALB Herculean polished alum. head with 2" conn. $187.00
SB5116ALA Herculean polished alum. head with 1 1/2" conn. $187.00
AST01385 18" Metal vac head, alum. & bronze - 1 1/2" or 2 ". $192.00
AST08662 18" aluminum head w/1 1/2" hose connection. $68.00
AP90100100 12" American products vac head w/chrome handle. $54.50

Complete with pole adapters and brushes safe for vinyl pools.
Catalog # Description Price
SP1067 Hayward circular power vac $29.00
SP1068 Hayward triangular super vac $34.00
SP1068DL Hayward triangular super vac with 3-1/3 lb. weights $39.00
SP1068FA Optional set of (3) 1/3 lb. weights for SP1068 vac head $8.00
R191 Standard economy plastic vac head (non-weighted) $8.50
R193 Vinyl liner vac head - lead weighted, oval shape $23.00
R194 Rainbow triangular shpaed vac head $24.00
R191SW Standard economy weighted vac head $14.50

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