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soft side hot Tub Pumps &hot tub pump
Model T-140,$
T-220 $.00
and T-300 $ Hot Tub Pumps shown above.
The model T-140 is a 2 person hot tub
T-220 is a 4 person hot tub
Model T-300 is a 6 person hot tub.

All Hot Tub Pumps run on 115 volts regular outlet power and are E A S Y on your electric bill!Water coils wrap around the hot pump motor to heat up the Water.Hot Tub Pumps are also available with a Spa Pack to heat the water Very Quickly.
soft side hot Tub Pumps © Model C-230 $ Hot Tub Pumps shown above are 1 to 4 person hot Tub Pumps.

soft side hot Tub Pumps © Model C-280 $Hot Tub Pumps shown above are 1 to 6 person hot Tub Pumps.

Take your Hot Tubsoft side hot Tub Pumps &hot tub pumpOr on long business trips.Units plug into any 110 volt outlet.
Move your Hot Tub aroundsoft side hot Tub Pumps &hot tub pumpThe possibilities are endless.
Or just hang out on your decksoft side hot Tub Pumps &hot tub pumpHot Tub Pumps are lightweight and easy to set up.
You can hot tub in the winter outsidesoft side hot Tub Pumps &hot tub pumpThen bring in your hot tub afterwards without the worry of the elements ruining your hot tub.
Hottubsoft side hot Tub Pumps &hot tub pump
Our Tub Pumps are so sturdysoft side hot Tub Pumps ©Families even use them to race in!
This tub was used in a Moviesoft side hot Tub Pumps ©with Pamela Anderson.
Pumpwarehouse Soft tub hot Tub Pumps receive many wonderful letters from satisfied customers. This most recent one comes from Natasha Anders of Aira,Hawii .

Dear Sirs,

As of Labor Day weekend this year, my Soft hot tub will have been giving me pleasure for one year.

I want to congratulate your company for producing a truly wonderful product. When people ask me about it and how it compares to the standard, extremely expensive fiberglass spas, I use the comparison of the modern laptop computers to original computer systems which used rooms full of machinery, and accomplished less than the new smaller ones.

Generally our lifestyle doesn't run the luxury of a personal spa, but I had seen the Soft hottub demonstrated at a community fair a few years ago, and ever since then has been dreaming of one. When I developed arthritis (called by the Dr. "wear and tear disease") and was told to go to the Gym and use the hottub there, I did for a while, but didn't really like the lack of privacy, as well as the discomfort of trying to relax with my head on the fiberglass tub.

Finally I decided it was time I got my own Soft hot tub. We made a platform in our back yard, which was completely private, as wel live in the country with no other houses near. At first I tried to convince myself this was strictly a practical thing -- just to help my bad back and knees. But as time has passed and the Soft hot tub hs become part of my life, I wonder how I ever could have gotten along without it. It isn't just the lovely warm soaking always available for the effort of going out my back door and walking 20 feet. It is the sometimes restful; sometimes exhilarating jest of warm water beating on me, while I comfortably rest my head on the soft edge of my very own little bit of utter luxury. Just ten minutes in my Soft hot tub gives as much relaxation as an hour lying down or doing anything else.

While most of the advertising for hotTub Pumps seems to focus on them as a party type of thing, with many people laughing and talking, or sometimes as a quasi-medical aid, from my point of view, and I'm sure many others would agree with me, the main pleasure I obtain from my Soft hot tub is coming out to it very early in the morning, when the sun has just risen, lying back in utter comfort listening to the birds sing and watching the trees blowing in the early morning breeze. Frequently our puppy comes out to visit me, jumping up on the edge of the tub and nuzzling the back of my head. I have to put my shoes up where he can't run off with them. Can you imagine a lovlier way to start the day?

Then, frequently in the evening, very late, just before I go to bed, I go in the Soft hot tub again, generally just enjoying the peace and warmth, watching the stars, completely unwinding all tension before jumping into bed. I have even gone to my Soft hot tub when there was a misty rain, feeling the cool mist sparkling like carbonation on my face, and the wonderful warmth of the water.

Just as a solitary joy, thre is so much pleasure and comfort to be gotten from the Soft hot tub, I am eternally grateful to you folks for inventing and selling it. Recently I has been thinking that it only required one more thing to make it perfect; some sort of a hose arrangement to a jet which would direct the jet to those hard to reach spots, like the inside of my knee.

I've told everyone I know how much I enjoy it. Recently my son bought one for himself from Pumpwarehouse on my recommendation, and he also enjoys his tremendously. The Soft hot tub is the most rewarding way I have ever spent money, and for what it is, the price is comparatively reasonable.

Anyway, all this blither is just to give you the gratitude I always feel whenever I use my Softub. Whoever invented the whole concept was really clever, although it seems like one of those logical inventions just waiting to be discovered. If there is any way that any testimonial from me would be of help in encouraging others to get one, please make use of it.

Just incidentally, is the company publicly held? I would love to buy stock in it. It really must be the hottub of the future. Thank you again for making the Soft Side Hot Tub.

Sincerely and gratefully,

Natasha Anders
Pumpwarehouse Hot Tub Pumps
Will fax back colors available in stock and delivery
delivery 2-4 weeks shipping and handling

Our Hot Tub are Strong and Durable! soft side hot Tub Pumps &hot tub pump soft side hot Tub Pumps &hot tub pump
We also sell extra heater packs for the hot Tub Pumps

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