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Portable Spa features ;

Our exclusive Portable Spa..... complete with jets,plumbing, and Spa Filter Pack !
Easy to set up this portable spa.
Attractive Spa styling and the portable SPA is easy to store away.
Lifetime Spa liner warranty.

portable pools and portable spas and spa packs Portable Spa assembles without tools.The average family can assemble the Spa in under an hour.The portable Spa can be easily disassembled without tools and moved as often as needed without hot tub damage to any of the spa parts.The portable spa quickly stores away during winter months if desired.
Spa liner material similar to that used for Bullet proof vests - eliminating the need for flimsy Spa walls which are unattractive. The hot tub liner has a lifetime warranty against ripping and tearing.
Hot tub filter pack included with easy to clean cartridge filter runs on household power.No electrician or work crew to install the hot tub equipment.All filter pack fittings included.
Spa includes a heavy duty hottub pack that will not rust and has a G.C.F.I. installed for safe worry free spa operation.

Spa pack shown below inside the pack enclosure

portable spa packs

Spa Sizes and Prices;

52 inches x 30 inches deep portable spas 1 h.p. 2 speeds pump,Spa Pack,3 jets,hot tub filter and skimmer.2-4 person hot tub. Price $.00

84 inches x 30 inches deep portable hot tubs 1 h.p. 2 speeds pump,Spa Pack,4 jets,hot tub filter and skimmer. 4-6 person hot tub. Price $.00

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