Speck Logo Speck Pumps - Speck Swim Spa Since 1909 Speck has been an industry leader in pump technology. Through successful pump innovations and precision pump engineering, Speck Pumps has become a supplier for a variety of pump industries around the world.

Pumps manufactured by Speck can be divided into three main categories:
Swimming pools, Commercial Spa/Hot Tub, and Swim Spas.

Our pool pumps are used for spas, hot tubs , residential pools , and commercial swimming pools, pool and spa combinations, fountains and waterfalls. In addition to our pumps, we manufacture sand filters, spa/hot tub equipment packs and our world renowned swim spa water treadmills - the BaduJet and BaduStream are the best equipment available today for the Swim spa .

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When you need a pool or hot tub pump
for any application, think Speck Pumps
...a world leader in Pump Technology.

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