Sta-rite System 3 Pool Filters

sta-rite system 3 filters

Sta-rite Cartridge Filters

sta-rite system 3 filters Split-tank design opens easily to allow convenient access for cleaning or changing filtration media. Posi-Lok TM clamping system is safe and easy for adult access, yet tamper resistant for kids.
Dura-Glas R exterior is durable, lightweight and corrosion resistant for years of trouble-free operation, regardless of temperature extremes.
Sleek black tank profile blends well into any landscape design.
Infrequent cleanings are a snap; simply remove the tank top and rinse the filtration modules with ease.
Their removal is not necessary for normal maintenance.
Through-tank bulkhead fittings feature full 2" diameter clear flow.
Hand secured against o-ring seals, the bulkhead fittings allow for union style connection to any of the Sta-Rite slide or multi-position valves.

sta-rite cartridge filters
Sta-rite Pool Filters

Sta-rite D.E. Filters.System 3 D.E. Filters have a straight grid design for longer cycles between backwashing and have a more effective fast backwash system.
30 sq. ft. D.E. Filter w/valve ... #PLD50 ... $call.00
36 sq. ft. D.E. Filter w/valve ... #PLD70 ... $call.00
37 sq. ft. D.E. Filter w/valve 80 gpm ... #S7D75 ... $call.00
53 sq. ft. D.E. Filter w/valve 110 gpm. ... #S8D110 ... $call.00

Sta-rite Sand Filters.System 3 Sand Filters have more consistant and even filtration with longer cycles.
2.4 sq. ft. 50 gpm filter ... # S7S50 ... $call.00
3.4 sq. ft. 75 gpm filter ... # S8S70 ... $call.00

Sta-rite Modular Media Filters.Sta-rite element and tank designed for in tank rinsing.
100 sq. ft. 50 gpm filter ... # S7S50 ... $call.00
150 sq. ft. 75 gpm filter ... # S8S70 ... $call.00
300 sq. ft. 100 gpm. filter . # S7M120 .. $call.00
450 sq. ft. 125 gpm. filter . # S8M150 .. $call.00

Sta-rite Cartridge Filters.Sta-rite Posi Flo 2 Cartridge Filters.
50 gpm filter ... # PTM50 ... $call.00
75 gpm filter ... # PTM70 ... $call.00
100 gpm. filter . # PTM100 .. $call.00
135 gpm. filter . # PTM135 .. $call.00

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