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Sta-rite Cartridge Filters - Posi-Flo II   Cartridge Filters for Spas and Hot Tubs

Sta-Rite filters has been a leader in cartridge filter technology. Of course, what keeps them at the forefront of research and design is their willingness to listen to the needs of their customers.
The new improvements of the Posi-Flo II cartridge filter show how far they'll go to please our customers. It's benefits like these that let you spend more time enjoying your spa and less time maintaining the cartridge filter.
Spa cartridge filters

The new thermoplastic tank construction makes the Posi-Flo II corrosion proof, weather resistant, lightweight, yet exceptionally strong. In addition, its sleek black profile blends in well with any architectural or landscaping designs.

Less cartridge filter Maintenance
The Sta-rite Posi-Flo II filter holds more dirt per square foot than similar filters of most other manufacturers. It even collects residue of sun lotions and oils.
Best of all, Posi-Flo II filter cartridges are easier to clean than most other filters. Plus, cleanings are needed less often. In addition, they eliminate the maintenance and related costs associated with other filter types. For example, there's no D.E. to recharge or media to backwash, which wastes heated, treated water. Sta-rite Cartridge filter Posi Flo 2 Spa Filter
Easier Filter Access and Greater Flexibility

When the Posi-Flo II does require maintenance, a quick twist of the wrist gives you easy access to the filter media. For times when the cartridge is especially dirty, a removable bottom clamp makes total disassembly and cleaning a snap. In addition, the multiple drain ports give you a variety of installation options, making it suitable for pool, spa and other water treatment applications.

Sta-rite Posi-Flo 2 Spa - Hot Tub Filters
PTM50 50 g.p.m.
1 1/2" pipe
PTM70 70 g.p.m.
1 1/2" pipe
PTM100 100 g.p.m.
1 1/2" pipe
PTM135 135 g.p.m.
1 1/2" pipe

Sta-rite Cartridge Filters - Posi-Flo II

Posi-Flo 2 Spa - Filters

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