Pump heater and equipment package to build a swim spa, swim jets and hot tub jets,complete package
Pump heater and contol package to build a swim spa, swim jets and hot tub jets,complete package.
Equipment and jets to build a hot tub swim spa

hot tub swim spa pump,controls, and heater equipment

For all the reasons that you wanted a pool without any of the problems of owning one. Your family entertainment left accommodates temperature requirements from 80 degrees F swim usage to over 100 degrees F for "hot tubbing"

Easily maintained, the Swim Spa takes less that 15 minutes a wiid to assure sparkling clean water. Variable swim resistance challenges any caliber of swimmer by utilizing multiple pumps and jet positions. You can custom dial the output for a sprint or a casual backstroke. Lap swimming becomes easier by working out without the turns every few seconds.

Unlike home pools, the SwimSpa, won't take up your whole backyard. In fact, the SwimSpa is frequently put in half of a 2-car garage.

Swim Spas are available in Sahara Quarite and Teal Quarite Colors

swimspas swim spas swimming spas swim spa hot tubs swimspa wood grains
Swimspa size is 15' long x 8' wide x 50" Hi

"Swim spas priced complete "

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