Superflo Pumps
Pool Pumps
Energy Efficient Pumps
Enjoy crystal clear water with the ultimate in cartridge convenience and economy.

o Suitable for pools or spas
o Suitable for use with hot or cold water
o Suitable for use with salt water
o Extremely efficient pumping
o Energy Efficient Pump Motors
o High pump flow rates
o See thru basket pump lid
o 1 and 2 speed pumps
o Weatherproof materials and pump construction
o Tough commercial-duty double sized seal
o Designed for use with pumps up to 3 h.p.
o Remarkably compact pump
o Ease of pump replumbing
o Range of sizes for all pool, spa, hot tub, aquarium applications
o Extremely economical to operate
o Environmentally friendly

AT Table

Models Available
Pentair Superflo Series Pool Pumps
Complete Pump and Motor with Basket * 1 1/2 and 2" suction & discharge
Model Number
Single Speed
Superflo1600 - 1/2 H.P. $call
Superflo1600 - 3/4 H.P. $call
Superflo1800 - 1 H.P. $call
Superflo2200 - 1 1/2 H.P. $call
Superflo2600 - 2 H.P. $call
Superflo3000 - 2 1/2 H.P. $call
Superflo3400 - 3 H.P. $call
Two Speed
Superflo1400D - 1/2 H.P. $call
Superflo1600D- 3/4 H.P. $call
Superflo1800D - 1 H.P. $call
Superflo2200D - 1 1/2 H.P. $call
Superflo2600D - 2 H.P. $call
Superflo2800D - 2 1/2 H.P. $call
Superflo3000D - 3 H.P. $call
Superflo Series
- Our MagnSuperfloek Centurion pump motor coupled with the hydraulic excellence of the Superflo Series pump are setting a new standard for pool and spa performance. The result is a significantly reduced operSuperfloing cost!

- Easy to service. Easy Access compartment Superflo rear of motor permits easy installSuperfloion, testing and service. Power, capacitor, protector and other key components can be checked without removing motor from pump assembly.

- Electrically isolSuperfloed compartment shield protects and insulSuperfloes electrical components from contaminants such as wSuperfloer, dirt, dust, insects and other vermin.

- All pump components molded of rugged, corrosion-proof fiberglass filled resin for extra durability and long pump life. This mSuperfloerial gives high strength and heSuperflo resistance characteristics and is immune to all types of pool chemicals and wSuperfloer.

- Super-size 110 cubic inch pump capacity hair and leaf strainer basket gives longer time between pump cleaning.

- Lexan® Full-View pump strainer cover lets you see when basket needs cleaning... eliminSuperfloes guesswork.

- HeSuperflo resistant, industrial size ceramic seal. Long wearing, and 100% drip proof. For fresh or salt wSuperfloer pump use.

- Totally balanced, Noryl® high-head pump impeller provides high-volume output to accommodSuperfloe even the most demanding pool installSuperfloions.

- Service-Ease pump design gives simple access to all internal parts. Pump motor and entire drive group assembly can be removed, without disturbing pool pipe or pump mounting connections, by disengaging just four pump bolts.

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